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Local Resources

This is a living document, it will continue to evolve over time as we gather new resources for the community!

Local Resources is a repository of local pagan shops, pagan and lgbtq+ friendly shops, medical professionals, artists, readers, service providers, and more, all located in or near Huntsville, Alabama.  
If you would like to add anything to this list, or report incorrect information please send us an email at

*Please note: At the moment, there is no particular order to the information in this document.
We are continually adding new information and will update the document as needed with new information as it is received.
If you would like to submit information to our database you may do so here:

Metaphysical Shoppes & Artisans

    • Tunji's Creations
      3322 S Memorial Pkwy # 214, Huntsville, AL 35801
      (256) 919-8369
      Metaphysical Supply Store

    • Ravenwood Meadery
      2211 Seminole Dr SW Studio 2069, Huntsville, AL 35805 
      (938) 207-3394  |
      Small Norse themed all-inclusive authentic meadery, free tea & coloring every 1st Thursday 5pm-7pm, pagan night out every 2nd Wednesday 5pm-7pm, home of the annual wicker-man ceremony, Horn products, books, jewelry, statuary, ceremonial supplies, art.

    • Practical Magick AL
      1508 6th Ave SE, Decatur, AL 35601
      (256) 686-1540  |
      Metaphysical Supply Store

    • Books, Beans & Candles
      1620 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd S, Birmingham, AL 35205
      (205) 453-4636  |
      Metaphysical Supply Store, Events, Notable Author events, Host of Magic City Witches' Ball
    • The Antlered Path - Aurora Jordan
      Website | Facebook | Insta |LinkedIn
      Tarot and rune readings, reiki, custom made runes, henna, tarot bags, intentionally woven altar cloths, leather rune/tarot bags, original art, spell jars, spell candles, and metaphysical supplies.
      • Goth and Goblin - Jade Wilson
        2211 Seminole Dr SW, Studio 2040
        Huntsville, AL 35805

        Facebook  |
        Tarot & charm reading, divination tools & accessories, altar decorations & tools
      • Spellbound Chained - Jenn Saari
        (256) 497-3903  Instagram
        Jewelry , pendulums, body chains, small spell jars (necklaces, and earrings) 
      • Purposeful Intentions
        2211 Seminole Dr SW, Studio 103
        Huntsville, AL 35805
        Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram
        Metaphysical Supply Store located inside SPARKLE Studio

        Pagan Friendly Medical/Mental Health providers

        • Tree of Life Behavioral Health
          190 Lime Quarry Rd Suite 111, Madison, AL 35758
          (256) 278-2802 | Website
        • Mental Health, Psychiatric services
        • Tempus Primary Care & Medical Spa
          4700 Whitesburg Dr UNIT 250
          Huntsville, AL 35802

          (256) 808-2929 | Website
        • "Primary Preventative and Wellness Care
          School, Work, & Sports Physicals
          Acute & Chronic Disease Management
          ECG administration & interpretation
          Joint & Trigger Point Injections
          Minor Dermatological Procedures
          Botulinum Toxin - Jeuveau
          Emsculpt Neo
          Virtue RF Microneedling

        • Womb Space Healing Center
          3315 Memorial Pkwy SW,
          Huntsville, AL 35801
          (704) 578-9311 | Website
          Holistic  and unique gynecology, flower essence formulas and custom treatments incorporating reiki.

          Readers / Services

          • Laura Caneer (256) 294-0416 Ordained wedding officiant, notary public
          • Amy Shelton (256) 426-5520
            Website | Instagram
            Tarot readings, custom gemstone intention bracelets, prayer/intention beads, make and takes
                Inclusive Pagan Friendly Businesses

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