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1oz. loose leaf white sage

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Ethically sourced from an Indigenous owned farm in California, this 1oz. loose leaf dried California white sage (Salvia apiana) is packaged in a breathable mesh bag to prevent humidity from damaging the herb. White sage has been used for thousands of years by many cultures as a healing and cleansing herb. Its smoke is said to be able to carry intentions to the universe, messages to the creator, and carry prayers and healing in its smoke. It has many benefits, both mundane and spiritual. Scientifically, it has been proven that burning white sage is antimicrobial and kills off bacteria and germs, and has been shown to repel insects. It purifies the air, can be a mood enhancer to combat stress, anxiety, and depression, and can be used to improve sleep and cognition. Spiritually, it can be used to cleanse a space of negativity, purify, and bless objects, protect a space from unwanted spiritual energies, and is a form of moving meditation where you can set your own intentions for cleansing and purifying your home, body, and spirit. To use this powerful cleansing herb, open windows in your space for air flow so the smoke can travel freely and to leave carrying the negative energies with it. Place the herb in an abalone shell, or similar fire-safe dish and move around the space fanning the smoke into corners, closets, doorframes, and windowsills. Our ancestors used feathers to fan the smoke in a sacred and timeless ceremony, which you can utilize to bring this simple, ancestral ritual into your practice. (Please note that certain feathers (largely those native to North America) are prohibited by federal law, regardless of method of obtainment, and should not be used except by those individuals permitted to use them. These include Hawk, Eagle, Owl, Songbird, Crow, and Flicker feathers. For more information on permitted feathers: )

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